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If you are considering legal separation or facing divorce, then you are likely already experiencing the emotional and relational difficulties that such a decision renders on a family. Allow our firm to take on the legal stresses that are associated with ending your marriage. We know that divorce is not an easy decision, which is why our skilled representation is available to help you make determinations regarding the changes in your life. Every member of the family, including the spouses, children, and the grandparents, will be required to alter their lives in uncomfortable ways.

At our firm, we take a head-on approach to all cases that we take. We first look at your wants and needs and determine a game plan that is conducive to resolving your case as quickly and efficiently as possible with the least amount of strain on your family. Every case is different and requires different approaches, which is why we aim to make individualized approach to each case and provide you with outstanding and aggressive representation for your specific family law issue. When you work with us, we will help you through the first steps of filing for divorce all the way through a post-divorce litigation. You can count on our firm to provide you with outstanding representation.

The Law Offices of Priscilla C. Solario is a Southern California law firm that handles all types of divorce and family law issues, including contested divorce, complicated matrimonial and custody cases, prenuptial and separation agreements, uncontested divorce, spousal support, visitation and domestic violence.

We advocate for both men and women, in equal number, and skillfully educate, negotiate, mediate, or litigate to protect the interests of our clients. We use ingenuity and creativity to best address our clients' needs and work rigorously to achieve their goals.

Our Vast Variety of Experience and Expertise

The Law Offices of Priscilla C. Solario has extensive experience handling complex legal matters. We handle cases including: contested divorce, uncontested divorce, military divorce, child custody, visitation, fathers' rights, women's rights, grandparents' rights, orders of protection, parental alienation, equitable distribution, business asset division, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence, spousal support and controlling case law.

We also handle same-sex divorces and prenuptial agreements. The State of California recognized and legalized the process of same sex marriage. While California and Federal Law has allowed for many same-sex couples to validly enter into a marriage, it has also opened up an entire new area of family law.

Although legally the same as a heterosexual divorce, the emotional nuances are completely different and should be treated as such. At our firm, we recognize this and are prepared to help our clients with compassionate and supportive guidance when it is needed most. However complicated your case may seem, our skilled attorney and winning strategies can help.

Types of Divorce & Family Law Cases

Child Custody:

One of the most important aspects of a divorce case is determining child custody. We understand that both parents want what is best for their child, but it can be next to impossible to see eye to eye regarding this issue. We could protect you and your child in regards to sole custody, shared custody, physical custody, and legal custody.

Child Support:

Do you have questions regarding child support and what is best for your child? There are regulations in place as to how much child support is required following a divorce. If you are dealing with issues regarding a parent not paying court-ordered support or need to make a modification to child support you are either receiving or paying, our team could assist you.

Spousal Support:

How does spousal support work? Also known as alimony, spousal support is the payments made from one former spouse to another. As there are a variety of factors which can affect the amount of support and the duration, it is important you have an attorney protecting your rights.


What is parental alienation? During and after a divorce, it is not uncommon for one spouse to have bitterness and ill feelings towards the other spouse. It is when this attitude affects the children that it can become a problem. If you believe that your ex-spouse is intentionally turning your child against you, our team could step in to protect your family and your relationship with your child.

Family Law:

There are other family law legal matters you may be facing besides divorce. If you need assistance regarding anything from fathers' rights to child custody to child support, your first step should be to tell us about your case. We could help you walk through these complicated legal issues and seek to find the best resolution to your specific case.

Fathers' Rights:

In today's day and age, it is unacceptable for fathers to be treated any differently from mothers based on that fact alone. If you feel like your rights as a father are being violated, please tell our firm about it. In California, fathers have equal rights to mothers in every regard, including child custody, child support, and the raising of their children.

Divorce Mediation:

What is the difference between divorce mediation and a normal divorce case? For the most part, divorce mediation is the better option. It requires less time, less expense, and less stress for all involved. Although it is believed to be preferred to litigating the case in court, our firm will do so if it is the only way to ensure your rights are upheld. You can tell us about your case so that we can discuss what option is best for you.

Marital Property Division:

One of the more complex issues you will have to sort through during the divorce process is marital property division. The first step you will have to take is to determine which property belongs solely to an individual spouse and which property belongs to them as a couple. After that, the marital property will be divided between the two.

Modification of Custody:

What should you do in the event that you believe a child custody order should be modified? We understand that life changes and so a modification of custody may be necessary. Whether you believe that the other parent has become unfit to have custody or they are trying to move away, it is important that you have a legal advocate on your side ensuring that the rights of you and your child are upheld.

Modification of Support:

Child support and spousal support are another part of the divorce agreement that may need to be modified after time. There are a plethora of reasons why a support modification may need to occur and we understand how to make that happen. Support could be modified because the individual making payments is undergoing some kind of financial hardship, like a loss of job or health problem. Support may need to increase if what the individual is receiving is not adequate to cover their needs.

Post-Divorce Litigation:

As circumstances change, it is not uncommon for modifications to become necessary after a divorce agreement or judgment has been finalized. In order to work through these changes, the case may have to go through litigation at court. If the matter can be resolved through mutual agreement, we can assist you. If the matter needs court intervention, this can prove to be complicated, so it is highly recommended that you have a legal representative on your side helping you.